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Monday, November 19, 2012

Days 17-19 of thanks

Darn it...running behind.  Life keeps getting in the way of my unnecessary and unread blog musings...the nerve!

Day 17 of Thanks--I am thankful for that feeling you get when you finally do something you've been putting off for a long time.  I finally folded and put away the last of the maternity clothes, and, while the process sucked and was painful, I feel much better for being done with it.  I also, as always, went ten steps farther once I started the project, cleaning out all the clothes I never wear to give away.  Really, if I haven't folded clothes since August, and something is still sitting folded in the drawer, CLEARLY I don't wear it or want it, and it should go away.  I feel cleansed, literally and metaphorically.  It's a good feeling.

Day 18 of Thanks--I'm thankful for hot showers on a cold day.  There's really not much better than getting into a hot shower when you're feeling a little cold and dreary.  Those are the showers that make you do the crazy, pampering stuff that you usually don't have time for...things like exfoliating your feet, or trying a mud mask, or using a deep conditioner.  It's a good feeling.

Day 19 of Thanks--I'm thankful for technology.  It's a yearbook deadline today, and I am the yearbook adviser.  Much as I whine and moan and get headaches and tear out my hair...I am so, completely, incredibly grateful for computers and the internet and design software.  The thought of cutting and pasting and measuring everything literally makes me shudder.  I am thankful that I am sitting in my own home right now, wearing my fuzzy, polka-dot bathrobe and mismatched fuzzy, pink socks, getting ready to drink a cup of coffee at my desk...not at school with a ruler and a bottle of glue.  Yeesh.  It's a good feeling.

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