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Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 11 & 12 of Thanks

For my 11th day of thanks, I'm thankful for living, literally, less than a mile from a state park.

Less than a mile down the road from our house is Leesylvania State Park, which is a wonderful park right on the Potomac with walking trails, a nice, big playground, beaches, and a little wetland area with turtles. It also has a boat launch, if one had a boat to launch...which we do not.

Mia loves it, and it's close enough that I can decide, spur of the moment, "Hey, let's go to the park." It's so close that I just grab a couple of bottles of water for me and Mia.  I don't even bring my diaper bag half the time.  If we need something that would be in it...we could just come home!

We spent an hour between lunch time and naptime here yesterday, so I'd like to be thankful for it for the 11th.  Here are some pictures of Mia enjoying the park yesterday...



For my 12th day of thanks, on the 12th day of November, I am thankful that I am blessed with a daughter who is everything an 18 month old is supposed to be.  It's an absolute miracle that people manage to come into this world, and it seems an improbable, astronomical miracle if they aren't struck with some sort of issue.  I know so many families whose children have problems, big and small.  Children who can't hear, or speak, or whose brains don't process things correctly.  Children with heart problems or diabetes or needing surgeries.  My family was supposed to have that with Charlotte's gastroschesis, but she left us to give us a chance for a healthy child.  I don't take this for granted.  I am grateful each and every day that my daughter is healthy, that she is smart, that she is strong, that she is loved.

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