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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

9 weeks left!

I have no idea where time has gone!  I'm currently sitting at 31weeks/1day, and I only have nine weeks left!  I really doubt that I'll go full term, though.  I've made the doctor very aware of my family history of large babies (and even MIKE'S family history of it) so I think I'll be induced early.  I actually have a strong feeling that she might be an April baby...and I'm ok with that! :-)  I WOULD, however, like to do my last Atlantic City trip over spring break, so I hope she holds on in there until at least Easter!

So excited to meet my baby girl!

Nursery Pictures

Mia's Changing Table/Dresser (Note the cute monkey switchplate cover!)
Close up of the changing cute!
Mia's Bookshelf (Complete with Amelia Bedilia books!)
Window and window treatments
Mia's crib bedding
Mia's crib from the front

All we're missing are wall decorations, a new lamp, and a rug, and then this room will be done!