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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Baby Story...

I was thinking about the TLC TV show A Baby Story today.  I was thinking, in all of the episodes they've filmed, there must have been at least a couple of babies that were stillborn, or born prematurely and in the NICU, or a baby who died of SIDS...something.  All you see on that show is 1) backstory 2) labor and delivery 3)happy family with new baby two months later.

What's that about.  I just looked it up, and there have been over 600 episodes of A Baby Story.  The stillbirth rate is somewhere between 1 in 160 and 1 in 170.  This means that, at the very least, there should have been (statistically) three stillbirths that were followed through this process.

I know that this show is about beautiful family stories and happiness and sunshine and bunny rabbits...but what about a real story for the rest of us?  For some of us there are no bunny rabbits.  Why doesn't that experience warrant equal (or, in my opinion, more) airtime and consideration on the network? 

Now, granted, it would require the family to consent to have their story followed through the darkest hours of their family's history...but I have to think at least one of the statistical three would want to do that.  I would have.  A part of me wanted to privately curl up around my pain and muffle it from the world...but another part feels compelled to put my story out let people know that things like this happen to normal people like me.  People who have had healthy babies, and people who don't do drugs or smoke or drink or eat food with nitrates.  People for whom doing everything right isn't right enough...

In over 600 births...shouldn't there have been one story kind of like mine?

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