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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hungry or nauseated??

OK, new symptom:  I can't tell the difference between hungry and queasy.  Around meal times, I start to feel sick, but the hunger never comes....I'm wondering: Is my brain now interpreting hunger as nausea??  Can I not tell the difference any more??  Or am I really just NOT hungry.  I feel like you feel when you have the flu and you REALLY don't want to eat anything because nothing sounds good....but I have to eat, because I can't just NOT eat, and I think I SHOULD be hungry....right?

Not complaining, by the way....just confused.  I refuse to complain about being pregnant because 1. I've waited almost a whole year to BECOME pregnant, so I'm determined to enjoy every minute, and 2. I still have several friends on the TTC boards who would LOVE to be confused about hunger/queasiness right now. 

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