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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I got poison ivy.  Mike's a cop, and he, for some reason, was tromping through the woods earlier this week.  When he gets home, he always crawls into bed with me, puts his arm around me, and lets me know he's home.  Normally this is great....HOWEVER....he apparently came home with ivy juice on his hands!  I now have a seriously itchy patch on my tummy and....get this...another patch on my boobage!  Seriously?!  Who gets poison ivy on the boobs?  Like they weren't sore to begin with, right?

And my FAVORITE part of this is that I can't use the steroid creme that cuts the healing time because of the Chicklet!  It doesn't appear to be getting better any time soon. :-(

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  1. DH is a LEO too - he does the same thing when we crawls into bed at some crazy hour of the night. Sorry to hear about the poison ivy - would a oatmeal bath help? I believe you could put some baking soda in your bath water too - to help dry it out.
    (jollymae from wte)