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Monday, September 13, 2010

Feeling euphoric....and freaking myself out!

I'm so happy it's scary...literally.  I'm usually a relatively upbeat person (though you probably wouldn't know that from reading this blog....sorry!), but I'm not generally euphoric and/or manic....but I'm DEFINITELY feeling that tonight.  My "Due in May" message board started color threads (I'm a green girl....due May 15-21), and so I feel like I've finally found my niche on the May board.  I'm also feeling queasy, which, ironically, makes me ecstatic, because it means my hormones are increasing appropriately...I should be feeling some symptoms right about now.  I also ordered some new maternity clothes today....Old Navy was having their traditional September sale, so I bought a few things.  I already HAVE a few things, but it'll be nice to have something new...even though I didn't wear the vast majority of it last year!

I'm enjoying the crazy happy feeling for the moment....loving life.

...Mama loves you Chicklet!!

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