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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is (hopefully) it!

It's 5:03 am on May 11th....and we're being induced today.  I finally get to meet and hold my daughter today...hopefully.  There's a chance that, if the induction doesn't take particularly well, we'll get sent home.  That would suck. 

I didn't exactly have the best start this morning.  I had a very hard time falling asleep.  Usually, if I'm nervous or excited enough about something (first day of school, Christmas morning, etc) that I have a hard time falling asleep, I can do it if I take away my pillow and sleep on my tummy....not happening at the moment!

So I fell asleep around 2:15 or so after taking a hot shower to relax myself.  Since I wasn't supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight, and I'm a little apprehensive to begin with, my acid reflux is doing spectacularly well.  Ow.  As a result, around 4:30-4:45, I woke up when I choked on a nasty bile/acid combo and had to cough and sputter for a solid 2-3 minutes.  Mike didn't budge.  Since I can't have anything to eat or drink, getting the taste out of my mouth is almost impossible!  I'm currently sucking on a stick of gum like my life depends on it and swallowing as much of the flavor as quickly as possible.

I plan to "sneak" my regular zantac this morning with a small sip of water...there's no way I would survive an entire day without acid help!  Nooooo way!

So, today is (hopefully) the day...I'm going to meet my daughter.  How weird is that?  I mean, really?  A whole other person will be leaving from my body today and entering the world...and we're going to get to take her home and take care of her live life and experience everything for the first time....seriously, how crazy is that?!

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