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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feel like I cheated...

So, at my 33 week appointment, my doctor said she'd stop my working at my next appointment, 36 weeks, which was during spring break.  OK, fine.  So I do all my sub plans, make preparations, tell the people at school I'm leaving, etc. etc. etc.   I'm also changing schools this year, so it's actually my last week at that school...ever.  Crazy.  So I go to my 36 week appointment (five days into spring break) and my doctor said, eh, you can keep working until your 37 week appointment since your swelling isn't that bad now.  Well, my swelling isn't bad because I've been off work and off my feet for the last FIVE DAYS...ugh.

So I go into work yesterday morning (what would be my first day "back" before leaving again after school on Wednesday...we're talking three days here) and I go up to the sub coordinator...and I didn't say anything.  I let her lead, and she told me that my sub was scheduled to start that day.  I didn't correct her.  I didn't tell them my doctor had given me three more days to work.  I totally feel like I'm cheating.  Does this make me a COMPLETELY horrible person?  I mean, seriously, being there for ONE hour Monday morning caused me to have more swelling than I did the entirety of spring break (stress!!), and I KNOW I'm better off at home...but I feel like I'm cheating.  *sigh* 

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