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Saturday, January 5, 2013

someone to take care of Charlotte

A friend of Mike's died this week. It's been a rough week for him and for me as well. In going through the process with him of dealing with the loss, I realized that I would really like it if this person would watch out for Charlotte, to take care of her. So, yesterday, the morning of the funeral I asked for some kind of sign to know he really is taking care of her and caring for her and with her somewhere. During the course of the funeral, one of his friends was telling stories about him and person that he was, and he told the story of how this man stood in uniform at the grave of an infant that had died in order to give comfort to a grieving mother who didn't want her baby to be alone. Of all the stories he could have chosen, he shared this one at the funeral...I guess I have to believe he's taking care of my little girl now.

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