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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mike's letter

For Charlotte's due date, Mike wrote his letter to Charlotte...there was a space for it in her baby book. 
I wrote mine the day after she died, with minimal revision or I do here. 
That's not Mike. He put a lot of time and thought and heart into what he wrote to our daughter...and he has graciously allowed me to share it here:

My beloved Charlotte,

I am writing to you on the day that the doctors predicted we would meet.  Doctors, like all people, are not always right.  There is so much imperfection and sadness in the world.  Were this a better place, I would be holding you on this day.

It saddens me to think that I will never truly get to know you.  All I can do is imagine what kind of a person you would grow up to be.  It feels so unfair for a life so pure to not be given a chance.  Yet I find solace in the fact that you never had to experience pain or sadness.

Your father is not a religious man.  I do believe that there are things about this world that we, as mere people, cannot understand.  Perhaps it is out of hope, optimism, or just pure desperation, but I believe in my heart that you have a purpose greater than just being our child.  You are our guardian angel.  If we are lucky enough to have another child, it will be because of you.  When our family is blessed with good fortune, I believe you will be watching over us.

I want you to know that your family will always love you.  We may not get to watch you grow, but we will never forget you and how you've touched our lives.  We will celebrate your birthday every year.  We will tell your big sister all the time about her guardian angel.

Whatever road down which life takes us, we will travel it with you in our hearts.  You were too perfect for our world, but you are forever a part of our family.

With so much love,

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