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Friday, December 14, 2012


My sister makes a photo calendar every year with pictures of her kids and Mia, listing everyone's birthdays and anniversaries and such.

She called to ask for pics of Mia for next year's calendar.  So as I sifted through the many, many pictures of Mia, I got to July. Just for a second, I considered sending a picture of Charlotte for the calendar.

The thing is, only my mom has ever asked to see her pictures. My dad and Kris looked at one or two of the cell phone pics right after she was born...but not the others. So, yeah, I don't think she's going on the calendar.  I don't think it would occur to anyone that she might belong there.

I also considered requesting that her birthday, July 22 be added as one of the dates...but again, I don't think anyone else gets why it should be there...if they did, they would do it without prompting. If they don't...well if they don't then I don't want it on there...her birthday should be remembered by people who want to love and remember her.

This sounds like I've already resigned myself to being disappointed.  I know some people won't understand why I don't just insist on putting her birthday in the calendar...but I have a desire to guard it against people who don't remember or care about my I'll wait and see.

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