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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Go On

So, a quick thought on the new sitcom "Go On" with Matthew Perry.  It's about a man whose wife dies, and he goes into mandated group-therapy so that he can keep his job.  I find this show absolutely fantastic and hilarious.

Then, as I was watching this week's episode tonight, it occurred to me...

...I don't think I would find this show funny if I were not in a place in my life where I am/was considering support groups.  I find the macabre humor hysterical because I see it in my own life.  I "get" this show. a result of this revelation, I am now very concerned that this show will be cancelled.  I recognize that this is a small blip on the screen of relevant shit (pardon the crassness), but I feel like this blip is meant for me, if that makes any sense at all.

As a side's been ten weeks.  Already.  Ain't that just a kick in the face?

On a positive addendum to that side note, I'm finally, today, getting positive signs that my body is returning to business as usual.  It's funny.  I've been waiting for weeks for this, and now that I'm actually seeing the change, I'm a little sad.  It's like there was a physical part of me that wasn't over losing Charlotte, and now that's back to "normal".  *sigh*  Bright side....focusing on the bright side.

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