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Monday, September 3, 2012

Disappointed. Again.

I feel a little selfish today.

Yesterday marked six weeks since Charlotte's birth and death.  I'm still dealing with it every day.  I still hurt and grieve every day.  I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.

...but it's been six weeks.  I've apparently passed the invisible line of time after which people don't care anymore.  I've used up my support.  Sorry, better luck next time.  OK, maybe that's a little harsh...but that's pretty much how it feels.

So my sister's husband is having heart problems.  She married a man in his 60s.  He is generally very fit and healthy, but this isn't exactly a huge shock considering.  That sounds cold, and I don't mean it that way.  Having just gone through what Mike and I went through, I understand, probably better than most of my family, how she's feeling.  Alone, unsure, angry, sad....I get it.

I did not call her when I found she did not call me when she found out about Charlotte.  She was dealing with her husband at the time.  I think the two of us have a mutual understanding that, since we're each dealing with our own rough times, we aren't really able to be there for one another significantly.  I haven't blamed her for not trying to talk to me about Charlotte...but I know that, if I were to call her now, she would feel obligated to try to talk to me about MY loss, and I don't want to add that burden to her.

Instead, Mike and I sent them a bouquet of flowers last week with a card saying that we're thinking of them and praying for them, and that we're here if they need support.  Really, that's all I would want from the people in my family, particularly those who live far away (as we do). 

We went to lunch today with the family that lives locally...and they were talking about Beth and Luis.  They were talking about how much they were calling her, and how they were arranging for a personal nurse to help Luis recover at home, and all the things they were going to say and do to make this easier on Beth. 

And I got mad.  Really mad.  I feel incredibly selfish about this, and I do not, at all, begrudge Beth the support she is getting.  I'm happy and relieved that they're able and willing to be there for her...but...

What did any of them say to me?  Do they just like her more, or is it that, since her husband is still alive they feel more comfortable talking about it?  How many of my family members never even said anything to my husband?  How many of them chose not to ask to see pictures or read my journal?  How many of them, when I asked them as a group, through a reading I sent via email, and in individual emails and conversations to talk to me about my daughter because I NEED to talk about her, never once brought her up.  Not ONCE. 

When you spend your entire life believing that, if you really and truly needed it, your family would always be there to support you in whatever you need, and then when that's tested to have the bottom drop out...I'm hurt.  I walk away from family dinners now being angry, and sad, and the extent that I don't even want to be around them any more. 

I feel selfish.  I dislike myself. Maybe I'm asking too much.  I don't know.  I'm disappointed.


  1. Kait,
    Hi my name is Nathalie. I found your blog going through other peoples blogs....honestly I read what to expect when expeCting app on my phone and read a thread that a young women said she had a still birth and I saw you comment on one of her threads from her blog. ( that was a mouthfull). I normally don't comment on people's blogs...
    Every night I get on my phone and read one of your "thoughts" for that day or a few just depending how long I have to relax between puttingy daughter to bed and me actually going to sleep.
    It really hurts my heart that no one comments on here or that you have family that seems to understand/care. It seems like they don't know what to say to you so they just ignore it totally.
    I saw your post with the photo Martin Luther basically saying you see who your real friends are....I'm in the same boat as you. Hurts to give your 100 to everyone else when you don't get it in return. Everyone needs attention sometimes, and that's a normal feeling to want. I still have "friends" that haven't spoken to me since I gave birth to my daughter two years ago. Sucks.
    I think you are a great writer. If you feel like no one reads your blog I really do think a lot more people read it then when you think. I just feel like most people don't know what to say.
    Your thoughts are so raw in emotion, you are so honest with yourself. I've never been through a loss like you speak a out but I can only imagine the hurt that you and your husband have been enduring.
    Baby Charlotte is a beautiful Angel now. Resting, smiling, playing, and watching over you for the rest of your life. Sweet sweet girl ��. You are entitled to feeling the way you do even if it has been 8 weeks, never be hard on yourself because of how long it has been. You are not selfish.
    Keep praying. Keep writing. Keep feeling.

  2. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much it means to have someone take the time to respond like this in such a thoughtful and caring way. I am incredibly grateful...sometimes I think we need to be told (by someone other than ourselves) that we're not crazy: that our feelings are valid. I needed that. Thank you.