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Friday, August 31, 2012

Realization on Experience

I was replying to someone on the Grief & Loss message board tonight and I realized something.  There isn't much with regards to having children that I have not done..  Now, granted, some of these things happened within the same labor and birth experience, but's a lot!

I had a year of unsuccessful attempts to try to concieve.

I got pregnant twice while on birth control.  Once was regular birth control, and once was on the mini pill while nursing.

I've had a chemical pregnancy, a late miscarriage, a stillbirth, and a live birth.

I've been induced, gone into labor naturally, given birth vaginally, and had a C-section.

I've had two D&Cs: one under complete anesthesia, and one with just an epidural while I was completely lucid.

I had a botched D&C which didn't get everything, causing me to have spontaneous contractions and passing of a lot of stuff two full months later.

I've had a breech baby, a baby with a knotted cord, and a baby with a birth defect (the stillborn--gastroschisis).

The only thing I can think of that I HAVEN'T done is lose a baby in infant death...I'm not going to lie, it terrifies me a bit, because I've gone through every other complication I can think of.  Seriously, if anything ever happens to my daughter, I quit life.

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