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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How was your summer?

"How was your summer?"  It's the first thing teachers ask one another when school starts back up every fall.  It's a simple, innocuous question, right? 

How do I answer that question this year?

Here are some ideas I've had and rejected:
  • Well, aside from my daughter dying, it wasn't too bad.
  • My little girl was stillborn in the middle of it, but I went to the beach for two weeks...that evens out, right?
  • It was OK...lots of good things, but also some personal issues.  (I thought this one would actually work...until I tried it, and the person I said this to said, "I had personal issues, too!  My daughter had lice."  Yeah.  Mine died.)
  • Great.
So what's left?  Shrug?  Mumble?  Ignore the question?

Maybe I'll just say it could have been better and then internally laugh at the ridiculousness of the understatement.

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