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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Analyzing the numbers

So, I was doing more research on gastroschesis...I worry that it could happen again.  Most of the current research seems to think it is not genetic, so it's just random.

Oh good.  So glad I won the lottery on that one.

Gastroschesis occurs in one of every 5,000 births.  Seriously?  That means there is a 99.98% chance it won't happen to you...of that one in every 5,000 births, only about 10% result in stillbirth.  It's actually a disorder that's fairly treatable.  So that means, while there was a 99.98% chance it won't happen to you, there's an additional 99.9998% chance that even if it DOES happen to you, your baby will eventually be ok. What happened to Charlotte was not quite one in a million...just one in 50,000. 

Numbers sucks.

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