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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picking a team...

All of the message boards have women sporting banners that say "Team Blue", "Team Pink", or "Team Green", signifying whether they're having a boy, a girl, or a surprise.  I'm team yet to be determined.  We have our level two ultrasound on the 22nd...three days before Christmas.  I'm pretty psyched about it, but I'm also incredibly nervous...This would be the ultrasound when they'd pick up any genetic anomolies, and a part of me is terrified that they'll tell us something is wrong.  I know that I hear the heartbeat every day, and I've even felt him move a few times (when I'm very still and very focused), but I'm very scared that something may be wrong with him regardless.  I know I've said it many times already throughout this pregnancy, but if I can JUST get past this ultrasound, I'll start to relax.

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