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Friday, December 24, 2010

It's a baby! :-)

The baby's fine.  Thank goodness.  Our big ultrasound went great.  All body parts accounted for, in the right place, and seeming to be functioning well.  I'm even measuring two days ahead, which ironically (or aptly, depending on how you choose to look at it) is the 14th.  Everyone in my family (except Mike) was born on a multiple of 7.  I'm the 21, my niece and nephew are both the 7th, my sisters are the 14th, the 14th, and the 28th, my brother is the 21st, and my brother in law is the 7th.  It'd be kindof cool for my little chicklet to follow suit.

On a side note....We found out on Wednesday, the 22nd....and we're waiting until Christmas morning to tell family, then Christmas afternoon/evening to tell everyone's really hard!  Since it's Christmas time, I've seen my family several times, and it's incredibly hard to NOT use a pronoun...or a name!  We've had names picked out since LAST September, so we know the baby's name....and I can't tell anyone!  *sigh*  One more day...I keep telling myself that telling everyone will bring SO much satisfaction tomorrow.  Let's hope we get good reactions...especially since we haven't yet told Mike's parents our name choices.  *gulp*

Lastly, I come out on facebook tomorrow.  I'm revealing EVERYTHING, from the fact that I'm pregnant (yup, most don't know that) to the fact that it's a ____ (a few of my friends have access to this blog, and I don't want to inadvertently spill the beans should they happen to read this on Christmas Eve...PS--if you're reading this on Christmas Eve, go watch a holiday movie or bake cookies or something!  I'm not that interesting!!)

Merry Christmas!

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