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Friday, November 5, 2010

So close....

I am only three days from the second trimester...I'm so very close...This week has me a little freaked out, though.  Last time, I was at 12 weeks 5 days (read: today) when I started spotting, 12 weeks 6 days when I had the ultrasound to confirm it, and 13 weeks 0 days when I had my D&C.  I know it's incredibly supersticious, but something about the next three days really freaks me out.  I remember having that same feeling of relaxing...feeling that the coming of the second trimester meant that I could stop worrying, at least to an extent...and then it go worse.  I'm really hopeful that when I hit 13 weeks 0 days with no spotting, and hearing the heartbeat, it'll seem ok.  I would love to stop worrying so much.  I haven't even told most people yet.  Even some of my family members don't know.  It seems silly, and yet it terrifies me to tell people...last time I told people about a week before I had to un-tell them.  I know it was just coincidence, but it still scares me.  *sigh*  So close...

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