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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Out of the closet

So I'm starting to tell people...I mean, really, I'm about four months in...the jig is up.  My belly's starting to show, and I'll know if he's a boy or a girl within the month.  It had to happen.  I am not, however, "out" on facebook.  I was thinking about it after I woke up this morning (from the strangest dream....I was in labor, but I wasn't me...I was I saw the whole thing from his perspective...and it grossed me out).  I think I may wait to tell facebook until after the next ultrasound, then share news along with the new pics and the gender...I think that would be fun...maybe....ish.  *shrug*  I'm hoping this isn't my subconscious trying to put it off a little does that sometimes!

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