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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The start of cycle ten

I can't believe I'm on cycle ten already.  Wow.  I'm remembering that if I'd gotten pregnant at the beginning of this trying to concieve journey I would have a baby right now.  Seems a little crazy.

I've finally gotten a bit of my zen back this weekend.  The first day or two of AF were rough this cycle.  Once again, I drank the Kool-Aid and totally believed that this was it.  It wasn't.  That sucks.  I think that it was hard since it was on the exact same time table as last year, which would have been kindof cool.  It would have been nice to start on that same track at the same starting point.  Oh well, I guess it just wasn't the month. 

On to cycle ten.  I wouldn't mind having a May baby.  That's where I'd be if this were the month.  The nice thing about April and May is the transition into the summer on maternity leave.  I could handle that. 

Fingers crossed, yet again.

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