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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smiley #2!

I tried the internet cheapie ovulation sticks for a few months, and I never got a positive reading.  I was shooting in the to speak (I'm enjoying my own pun on that one a little too much!)

So last month I switched over to the clear blue easy digital OPKs and I LOVE them.  They're so much more clear than the ICs were, and they're actually POSITIVE!  I got my smiley face for the second month in a row today, which means I'll be ovulating in the next 12-36 (ish) hours! Yay!

That also means that I'll be at 10(ish) dpo on September 1st!  This is the anniversary of our engagement (4 years!) and it also happens to be the week BEFORE school starts!  How fabulous is that?!

Loving life right now. :-)

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