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Monday, August 2, 2010


So, I'm at 6-7 dpo.  I got my smiley last Sunday morning, and it's supposed to be 12-36 hours after that.

So, last night, I go to the bathroom (if you have issues with TMI, stop reading here...if you don't, don't blame me if you don't like it!).  When I wiped my normal cm looked wierd and orange.  Not in a bloody orange like the blogspot logo orange.  So I wipe again...the orange went away.  I think nothing of it.  Later that night, I went again, and THIS time it's in the color brown that I get at the very end or very beginning of AF...but it's too early for AF.

Implantation bleeding?!  Anyone?!  Maybe?!

Last time I didn't notice any ib, but last time I was on the pill, we weren't trying, and I highly doubt that I would have noticed anything if there was anything...if it was faint and vague like this, I'm sure I'd have just blown it off.  So what is it?!

I'm torn about whether or  not to talk to Mike about it.  On the one hand, I really really don't want to get his hopes up if I'm wrong.  I love it when he's positive and optimistic, but I hate telling him it's a no with a passion, especially when he's positive and optimistic.  On the other hand...what if it is?!  Don't I want to give him this hope so that these next few days seem a little brighter?  Shouldn't we be celebrating what could be? 

So torn...

As a side note, as I'm leaving for a week at the beach on Saturday, I would REALLY appreciate getting my BFP...AF on a good day really sucks, but AF at the beach is a major bummer.

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