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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little frustrated...

So, OK, I have my abnormal hpt, in EVERYTHING I've read, if it shows up in the time frame, WHATEVER it looks like, it's a good thing.  So I had wasn't the clearest of lines, but it was SOMETHING....and I posted it to my message board.

I was somewhat disappointed in the responses I got.  Rather than saying yes or no as to whether or not they saw something, most just said "test tomorrow with FMU".  Well DUH I'm going to test tomorrow with FMU....I test multiple times a day!  Of COURSE I'll be testing tomorrow morning.  The question was what do you think of THIS test today??  Tomorrow morning is HOURS away.  Bah.

Wanting to be cautiously hopeful and optimistic, and feeling defeated.  Bah.

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