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Thursday, August 19, 2010

General Thoughts on Whining

I'm going to start by acknowledging the irony of my ranting whine about people whining.  Yes, I realize I'm being hypocritical.   My bad.

Pregnant people need to stop whining to me about how much pregnancy sucks. Really?  You're going to try to tell me about how awful you have it?  Right, sure.  You have everything that I want in the world, and you want me to feel sorry for you because you threw up this morning?  Sorry babe, I'm just not that good natured.  I'm at the point where I would relish nausea and vomiting, I'd embrace weird cravings wholeheartedly, and I'd love to have swollen sausage fingers.  I went through three months of a rather rocky pregnancy...this is NOT a case of, "if she knew what it was 'really' like...." No, no....I know.  I'm at the point that I would do or accept just about anything in order to have a child.  If someone told me that for the next nine months I had to speak in rhyming sentences and only eat burned rye bread, I'd be all over it.  I've had over a year at this point to realize just how much I want to have a baby....and right now, how much I'd just like to be there's not much that I wouldn't take to have that.

Stop whining.

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  1. I love it! :) It really made me smile, and I needed a smile!!