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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How many and how much?

I was one of those people who watched Titanic in the theater several (read:many) times. Whenever I told someone the exact number, they always wanted to try to figure out either how long I sat in the theater, or how much money I spent on tickets...

So now for the conception version of this party game. It's called "How many and how much?" I'm on my 7th cycle...for each cycle, I've gone through 15-40 internet cheapies, worth approximately $.50 each. I also have taken at LEAST two FRER tests with each cycle, worth $4-5 each. With my cycle that turned chemical, I think I went through about 15 FRERs...not good.

Numbers first:

averaging 25 ICs/cycle x 7 cycles = 175 ICs
averaging 2 FRERs/cycle x 7 cycles = 14 FRERs
additional FRERs (cycle 3) = 12
Approximate number of tests taken = 200

Cost second:

175 ICs x $.50 = $62.50
26 FRERs x $4.50 = $117
Approximate total cost = $180

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