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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I forgot to smile!

I bought the digital opks this month...simple right? When you are about to O, the digital test has a little smiley face on it....the other days it's just an empty circle. HOWEVER...

I went to Atlantic City this week. Lots of fun, and I think Mike and I needed it to reconnect....the sex-pressure doesn't feel so strong this month...THANK GOD....BUT it totally messed up my schedule, so I didn't test at the right times and I drank way too much caffeine, which could mess up my now I'm worried I may have missed my smiley. There was still plenty of BDing to go around, so it I DID O, I didn't miss it....but now I have no idea if I should keep testing or not. Should I save my surplus tests for next month when I'm not so distracted, or should I keep testing "just in case".....What IS it with me and "just in case"???

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